7:30pm @Bitter and Sweets

Eventbrite - Between Remembering and Forgetting: The Stories We Choose to Tell

We define ourselves by the stories we choose to tell, and cities are no different. Urban heritage gives the cultural clues that inject a place with its identity and character. 

From the Hennessy Road pawn shop, to the Central Police Station and the State Theatre Building in North Point - to name but a few - our city’s heritage has brought divided opinions on what and how we should remember or forget, reinvent and narrate. 

In this talk, Roger Wu will explore conservation in the local context of Hong Kong, and he will equip us with nuanced ways to form an informed and considered opinion towards how we weave our narrative.


Roger Wu worked as an architect and has extensive experience leading restoration projects in the UK, China and Hong Kong. Recently, he was involved in the revitalisation of the Central Police Station in Hong Kong, and was the co-curate for the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (Hong Kong). He is also actively involved in the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Hong Kong Chapter and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. 

Roger is currently the Chief Executive of Haw Par Music Foundation Limited, a charity set up to oversee the revitalisation of the historic Haw Par Mansion in Tai Hang, Hong Kong, into a music academy. 

Roger is a TEDx speaker and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


* This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 



從軒尼詩道當鋪,中區警署到北角皇都戲院大廈,這些例子透視出香港如何引起有關記住與遺忘 、重構改與敘述的爭議。

在這個講座中,Roger Wu會在本土框架底下探索香港的保育問題,並引導我們以仔細的方式去建立一套有根據和紮實的我城敘述。