Eccentric Behaviour in Public Spaces, its Values & Role as Public Spaces Become Privately Owned

Eccentric behaviour in public space, do you do it? do you love it? does it amuse you? does it annoy you? do we need it? why does it happen? what would happen if there was none? The freedom of expression in public is a celebrated right and the control of it is being sold to the highest bidder, is this a bad thing or a good thing.

In the talk Roger will explore eccentric behaviour in public spaces provide some favorite examples and invite eccentrics to come in and join an exploration into the pros and cons. Expect a fun and interesting provocation that has examples from the past, visions of the future and opportunity to behave as you choose.



Roger Hartley started professional life in art and theatre, his early work transforming expected environments at festivals has evolved and been copied to become the norm and most visited attraction of many contemporary festival spaces, He now focusses on the non-festival environment and works in the everyday real world looking for ways to make people question their surroundings it is with the firm beliefs that the best solutions start with a great question and that if an idea is at first not absurd then there is no hope for it he formed Bureau Of Silly Ideas in 2002. 

Specialties: Public realm, silly ideas, improving live, theatre, branding, festivals, pie throwing, robots, fire, fireworks, road works, public speaking, toast. Check out his TedX talk.

7:00 PM @ nomad 

* Entrance over 18


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