7:30pm @ Beef and Liberty

Eventbrite - Climate Change Stripped Bare: Why Are Facts Not Enough?

The facts are there. Climate destabilization is linked to our carbon emissions. Habitat and species loss, over-consumption and plastic waste, declining food yields and unhealthy lifestyles all have us firmly on the road to a grim near future. Knowing this, why are we so unwilling to change what we do?

This talk will break down the psychology behind our behavior. Tackling the 4Cs - comfort, convenience, consumption, and corporations - Richard Fielding invites us to reflect on pre-existing beliefs and values.

What happens when facts are not enough? Uncover the psychological factors that come into play when understanding how seemingly reasonable, individual acts can result in mass folly.


Richard Fielding is a Professor of Medical Psychology and currently teaches a Masters of Public Health course on Global Futures in the School of Public Health of HKU. He is also an advisor to Friends of the Earth (HK) Ltd.

Richard first trained as a clinical psychologist and worked 7 years for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK before joining HKU in 1982. Richard is a Fellow and former President of the Hong Kong Psychological Society. Richard has been an Associate Editor of the leading APA journal Health Psychology, an Editorial Board member of the journals Psycho-Oncology and Public Health Reports, and has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers, books and chapters.


*This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 

氣候暖化剝光豬: 為什麼我們仍假裝看不見?

事實擺在眼前。我們的碳排放直接破壞環境。生態及物種的流失,、暴殄天物、膠汙染、糧食持續減少、不良生活習慣等,皆指向一個黯淡的將來。有見及此, 為何我們如此抗拒改變我們的所作所為?

此講嘗試理解驅使我們行為的心理狀態。Fielding分別在「謀求舒適 (comfort)、謀求便利(convenience)、消費(consumption)以及大公司(corporations)」(4Cs)上著墨, 以助反思我們的信仰和價值。

當事實不足夠影響個人行為, 後果會是怎樣? 心理學如何解釋看似合理的個別行為累積成大眾的愚昧?