The universe is big, really big. We cannot easily explore it in person but we can study it from a distance if we have good enough eyes. How do we make sense of what we see when we look at the universe? I will introduce you to the language of the universe and how it is letting us see in the dark and make sense of what we will be able to see with a new generation of ‘eyeballs’ heading for WA.


Professor Quinn graduated from ANU with his PhD in astronomy in 1982. During appointments at Caltech and the NASA Space Telescope Science Institute, he pursued his research interests in galaxy formation and dynamics, computational cosmology and dark matter. In 1989, he led the Australian involvement in the MACHO Dark Matter Search Project whose discoveries featured on the front cover of Nature 1993. In August 2006, Professor Quinn became Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at UWA and was appointed Inaugural Director of the new International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in 2009. Also the Deputy Chair of the Australian and New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee, he has published over 300 research articles and became WA Scientist of the Year in 2012.

6:00PM @The Shoe- Yagan Square, Perth