7:30pm @The Tipping Point SOHO

Eventbrite - Pwned: How Gaming Culture in Asia is Redefining Societal Success

Is gaming bad? Countries around the world certainly differ in their answers. 

Asia has seen a booming eSports gaming culture in recent years, with countries like China now treating it as a national sport; the highest “Dota” pro-gamer earns close to 2 million RMB in eSports tournaments. In South Korea, gamers can play their way up to becoming managers in major game companies or establishing their own government-backed startups (startup gaming empire?).

Peichi Chung brings us to the core of this digital space and compares its development across China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. Mapping the quiet changes of traditional values in education, culture, and societal achievements, this talk will unpack how gaming is reshaping Asia’s youth culture.


Chung Peichi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests focus on new media culture and the entertainment industry. 

Since 2006, she has travelled to many cities in Asia, documenting changes and new innovations that have evolved the region’s gaming scene. She enjoys Asia’s entertainment culture and has published works on Asian popular culture in edited books and academic journals. 


* This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 


打遊戲機一定無益? 不同國家眾說紛紜。

電子競技(eSports)文化近年於亞洲盛行,不少國家如中國都將電玩看待成一項全國運動。在DotA (Defense of the Ancients 守護遺跡)遊戲中,排名最高的職業玩家每參與一次電玩聯賽可賺取高達兩百萬人民幣。 


Peichi Chung將會帶領我們進入電子世界的核心,並比較其在中國、南韓、香港和東南亞的發展。此講座旨在勾畫出傳統社會對教育、文化以及成就的的觀念如何靜悄悄地改變,更會分析電玩正如何重塑亞洲青年文化。