A house, your shoes, your dinner! 3D printing the future

Imagine enjoying a delectable dinner that your 3D printer has whipped up, while you sit in the lounge of your 3D printed home. 

Or, imagine customising your dream shoes online and having them manufactured by a 3D printer at a store near you, cutting out the need for international shipping. Such convenience is just around the corner but how will our lives change with these technologies? Olaf says if we don’t adapt now, New Zealand won’t be ready for the technology of tomorrow. If we don’t learn to lead the way in this industry, we will lose a competitive advantage over the rest of the world. 

This talk will delve into why 3D printing is a remarkable tool for innovators, the current and future uses of 3D printing and will also feature a few of Olaf’s own 3D printed creations. If you haven’t seen a 3D printed guitar before, you’re in for a treat.


Dr Olaf Diegel is a professor of additive manufacturing at the University of Auckland. He is an educator and a practitioner of product development with an excellent track record of developing innovative solutions to engineering problems.

Over the last 20 years, Olaf has become a passionate follower of 3D printing. He believes it is a godsend to innovation as it allows designers and inventors to instantly test ideas to see if they work. It also removes the traditional manufacturing constraints that become a barrier to creativity and allows us to get real products to market without the high costs that become a barrier to innovation. He also makes cool 3D printed guitars! 

8:00pm @The Oak Room, 17 Drake Street, Auckland 1010

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Julie Hope.