We Raised the Bar! And it is all thanks to you. Over 6,000 people showed up to help Raising the Bar. You learned how to build spaceships, fight for Justice, or just enjoy the road, by listening to 50 world renowned professors talking at 50 different bars throughout the city.



Together with Time Inc., we hosted a series of panels: 50 speakers, in 10 bars, on 1 night, simultaneously. The panels were led by notable professors and industry professionals, in some of the city's best bars, giving you the opportunity to drink a beer while listening to visionaries and thought leaders.



Once again Raising the Bar brought New Yorkers to listen to 50 Columbia University and NYU professors in 50 bars across NYC. The Professors abandoned the traditional lecture halls and gave talks, drink in hand, to any city dweller craving knowledge, inspiration and a good conversation. The event included a five lecture mini-series on Women’s Empowerment in collaboration with Barnard and a six lecture mini series with SIPA on International and Public Affairs.