Fitbits: healthy habits or expensive accessories?

Have you done your 10,000 steps today? Half of all Australians are using wearable health technology to track their movements, but does it really motivate us to be healthier? Research indicates there is no proven link between weight loss and step counters. In fact, one third of users discard their wearable device within six months of buying it. There seems to be a widely held belief that using fitbit, smart watches and health apps would motivate us to become healthier. But is that true? Are these technologies failing us? Discussing this downward trend is Naseem Ahmadpour, who will explore new potentials for self-tracking and future opportunities for designing wearable health technologies.


Design for good? This is the underlying premise of Naseem Ahmadpour’s research, which is a blend of design and psychology. She investigates how motivation and self-regulation can affect behaviour, and the role devices and technologies can play in contributing to a higher quality of life. She currently a lecturer in design computing at the University of Sydney school of Architecture, Design and Planning. 

8:00PM @PS40, 2/40 King St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Entrance over 18

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