Is your wardrobe cluttered with post-purchase regret? Had a “What was I thinking moment” once too often? If you are lured by the latest thing, Fashion Quarterly could soon label you as passé. 

In this vibrant, entertaining talk, Miriam will disrobe the seduction of affordability. Cheap and cheerful is out. The slow movement is fast approaching down the catwalk as fashion moves from an era of over-consumption to anti-consumption. 

Nearly two decades after Naomi Klein’s startling No Logo had marketers and GMs scoffing, slow fashion is shaking up global consumption and production for a rapid seismic shift. How will businesses react? And what shoes will go with that?


Miriam Seifert holds a Master of International Business with first class honours from the University of Auckland where she is currently undertaking doctoral studies within the field of Marketing and Strategic Management. 

Miriam’s research probes into dynamic environments, particularly fashion, and explores how constant change challenges a business’s ability to achieve competitive advantage. 

Prior to life in New Zealand, Miriam worked as a marketer in Europe.  She is noted as a compelling and entertaining world class speaker ranking in the Asia-Pacific 3 Minute Thesis finals last year. Her ambition is to leverage her research for positive change by raising awareness of consumption and its subsequent negative effects on society.


8:00 PM @LaZeppa, 33 Drake St, Auckland | Entrance over 18