Can artificial intelligence really be smarter than you?

It's all over the news: AIs have beaten world champion chess players, they're driving cars and soon they'll be flying drones in our backyards delivering Amazon books and cluster bombs. Is this the reality though? In this talk, Mike will explain how AIs are more like weirdly specialised savants that can't be trusted to cross the street by themselves than like masterminds from The Matrix. He’ll also share what AI is telling us about ourselves – how we think and what makes us human.



Among the seemingly disparate issues that concern many of us are how our retirement years will be affected by the prevailing financial markets and other economic conditions, and the implications of climate change for the long-term prospects of human life on this planet. Michael's research into complex adaptive systems has applications in both of these areas, among many others. He studies how systems as diverse as financial markets and environmental ecosystems evolve and are affected by variations in human behaviour, with the aim of allowing us to better manage these systems and to thrive as a society in the complex environments in which we live.

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6:00 PM @ play bar 

(72 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010)

* Entrance over 18


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