Why was economics developed

To make astrologers look good?

This is just one of many jokes at the expense of economists. All totally deserved according to our speaker tonight, the Financial analyst, writer and broadcaster Louise Cooper. She will explain why economics are so bad at predicting the future through the medium of her winter purchase of thigh high boots. She will also tell you why she was told off by the Bank of England for pointing out its failure to predict inflation.

From Keynesian multipliers that the IMF got wrong – and Greece got buggered - to Monetary Transmission Mechanism - or why the last women in a line may not get cake. This will be an entertaining and irreverent guide to the crapness of economics forecasting. Greece, the financial crisis and austerity. Its all covered in whirlwind tour of the financial thoughts of Louise.



Louise is a high-profile financial and economic commentator regularly on television and radio. She also writes a column for the Times and other national newspapers. She started her career at Goldman Sachs as a stockbroker and then going from one extreme to the other became a business journalist, primarily on air at the BBC World Service Radio.

Whilst working as a market analyst at the interdealer broker BGC, her regular media appearances got her dubbed the Downturn Diva by the Daily Mail. In 2013 Louise set up her own financial analysis consultancy and blogging business called CooperCity. Described as 'passionate, animated and knowledgable' with the ability to read the dry figures and 'get the real story lurking beneath'. Louise has an in-depth financial knowledge and the great skill of making the complicated comprehensible.  

8:30 PM @ the gable 

* Entrance over 18


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