Modern conflicts which contain a strong religious element can often appear baffling and frightening. Knowing more about the historical background of such conflicts may not help us to solve them, but at least it will help us to understand them more clearly. What links can we draw, for example, between modern terrorism and the Crusades?

This talk will look back to interaction between religious groups (Christians, Muslims and Jews) in the Middle Ages to show how many of today’s most intractable conflicts have their origins in quite distant historical eras.


Dr Lindsay Diggelmann is a senior lecturer in History and also Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Auckland. He teaches a wide range of topics concerning European history, especially the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance.

His specialist area is the Anglo-Norman period of the 11th and 12th centuries, including a focus on objects of enduring interest such as the Bayeux Tapestry and the Domesday Book. Before returning to University as a ‘mature student’ and embarking on an academic career, Lindsay spent 12 years working in the financial markets as a foreign exchange dealer and investment manager.


6:30 PM @Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen | 7 Sale St, Freemans Bay, Auckland

18+ unless accompanied by parent and/or legal guardian

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