Is Insider Trading Beneficial, Bad or Benign?

Insider trading – victimless crime or immoral behaviour that affects everyone? Australia has a few high profile cases, but can insider trading affect you if you don’t regularly buy shares on the stock exchange? Juliette will address common myths and misconceptions associated with this white collar crime, and reveal why it is an issue that affects us all.



Juliette Overland is a senior lecturer in Corporate Law at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research expertise is in corporate crime, particularly insider trading and securities market offences. She regularly provides advice on insider trading issues and has acted as an expert consultant in a number of high profile insider trading cases. In addition to her experience as an academic, she has extensive practical experience as a corporate lawyer, having worked in leading Australian law firms and as the Australian legal counsel for a global technology company.

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6:00 PM @ Since i left you 

(338 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2010) 

* Entrance over 18


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