Let’s get flexible 

The modern workplace is fraught with pressure. Pressure to adapt to new technologies and communications channels, meet deadlines, develop innovative solutions. 

It’s no wonder that our best laid plans never turn out like we expect. 

Julien Pollack believes there’s a better way to manage projects that doesn’t involve meticulous planning. It’s called agile working – and it’s taking the business world by storm. Join Julien as he discusses how to factor flexibility into projects, examples of how it’s been carried out by industry and its impact on the next generation of project managers.


To Julien Pollack, the traditional model of project management doesn’t quite stack up in the real world. The process of detailed planning only works in stable situations and is incompatible with the complexity and unpredictability of modern workplaces.  His extensive research draws on systems thinking, complexity theory and change management, and how it can be adapted to workplaces today.  

A member of the European Academy of Management, he has overseen the delivery of large-scale projects in the Australian public sector as well as telecommunications and heavy engineering projects for industry. 

8:00PM @Mr Tipply's, 347 Kent St, Sydney  | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Mr Tipply's Bar at 6:30 pm is Ranjit Voola