How Ecosystem Economics will predict the Digital Winners

Ecosystem Economics™ is the investment methodology of Ariadne Capital which powers Entrepreneur Country Global.  It demonstrates how by changing your business model you can increase your market power. Ecosystem Economics™ was written about in Julie Meyer’s debut book, Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry.



Julie Meyer, MBE, has assisted European entrepreneurs in building category-defining, tech-enabled firms for nearly 20 years. She founded Ariadne Capital in 2000 with 62 leading entrepreneurs to create the gold-standard for the financing of European entrepreneurship and, in 2008, launched EntrepreneurCountry, a global discovery platform for corporate and start-up innovation. She has backed seven explosive growth companies, syndicated more than £350 million of investments and is a Board Director to INSEAD, Vestergaard (humanitarian development), Quill, Taggstar, and Bitx.

8:30 PM @ forge 

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