7:30pm @Rula Bula

Eventbrite - Sunday Catwalks and Hong Kong's Filipino Beauty Pageants

In Hong Kong, Filipinos are often homogenized and stigmatized as domestic workers who live without purpose beyond remitting money home. But every Sunday, they gather at friends’ birthday parties, engage in church services, attend association board meetings, and more. Interestingly, many even go on stage to compete in beauty pageants. 

In this talk, Ju-chen Chen will bring us to the forefront of understanding individual aspirations - such as receiving a college education or working overseas as a maid - in the broader context of the Philippines’ class structure, colonial legacy, and global exodus.

Dive into the discourse of modernization and the impact of a global capitalist institution through the lens of Filipino beauty pageants in Hong Kong.


Ju-chen Chen is a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on migrant workers (mingong) in China and foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in exploring relationships between the experiences of migration and the realization of motherhood and womanhood. 

Since 2011, Ju-chen has been doing ethnographic research on the Filipino community in Hong Kong and has been invited to be a judge at several Filipino Beauty Pageants, including Miss Pinoyshot Princess and Top Model Queen. 

Ju-chen holds a PhD degree in Anthropology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. 


* This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 






讓我們在認識菲籍傭人選美的同時, 看Ju-chen如何深入剖析現代化話語, 以及全球資本市場帶來的影響。