Is your boss a psychopath?

Have you got one of those bosses who demands things are done their way or you can ‘take the high-way’ ? Can’t quite decide if your boss is a depressive, schizophrenic, narcissist, workaholic, psychopath or pure evil?

This fascinating talk, highly enjoyable yet insightful talk gives you the tools to measure your boss’s level of lunacy. Drawing on far more than the famous Ronson Psychopath Test, get ready to enter the mind of the most evil tyrant - or misunderstood person you have ever met. Jonathan Gabay is author of brand psychology - the definitive book on the branded minded, studied in universities worldwide. It is strongly advisable that you DO NOT ask your immediate manager to tag along for this talk.



Jonathan Gabay has worked for global brands and news organisations, as well as multiple advertising, research, design and PR agencies. Additionally, Jonathan has authored internationally acclaimed books that cover all aspects of branding and creative marketing. In addition to brand-trouble shooting, Jonathan is highly sought-after keynote speaker and major media commentator. Details of Brand Psychology can be found HERE.

8:30 PM @ barrio east 

* Entrance over 18


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