Sex, Work and Rock & Roll

Sex, Work and Rock & Roll looks at a future where survival of the fittest will depend on our ability to cope with ambiguity, to understand risk, be adaptable, flexible, self-aware, proactive and forever marketable.

What is the future of work and what are the skills that are not gained through “education”? How do we plan for a life that is becoming less and less predictable? Will we be expected to work until we are 50 or 80? Will Viagra keep us young and active until we are 90? Will our holidays be in space? Will cryonics enable the Rolling Stones to still be playing in 2040? And, if so, will the tickets sell out in just 12 nanoseconds?



Jon Cook is widely recognised as a highly effective enabler. His skills and passion for helping people realise their potential and maximise their success, both professionally and personally, have been evident throughout his own successful corporate career and varied personal interests.

Jon has always been adventurous and pioneering in his approach to work and life, never following the normal path but finding new ways, breaking the mould and enjoying the journey.

8:30 PM @ 93 feet east 

* Entrance over 18


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