Changing your tune on music

Music has a profound effect on the developing mind – research is just scratching the surface on the extent of its benefits. So why do the majority of Australian schools lack specialist music teachers and why do teachers often struggle to keep children enthused in music class? In this talk, James explains why all music should inspire us from Classic to Kanye, Funk to Taylor Swift.



James Humberstone is a lecturer in music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. With a background in music education, technology, and composition, his research outputs include traditional written works and composition as creative research. His 2016 activities to date include giving a talk called 'The Science of Dubstep' at TEDxOxford, performing his Australian National Maritime Museum installation 'Noise Husbandry' with new music group Ensemble Offspring, and a hip hop residency with Australian poetry slam champion Luka Lesson and Florida producer Jordan Thomas Mitchell, culminating in the production of Odysseus: Live, a cross-arts reinterpretation of Homer’s classic poem.

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6:00 PM @ Venue 505 

(280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2010)

* Entrance over 18


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