Languages of the land

Have you ever gone overseas and tried to learn the local language? It’s something we’d be happy to do overseas, so why is it not something we’d think to do at home in Australia? 

Living and working in Sydney means we’re standing on the ground of Cadigal people of the Eora nation. And the languages that were spoken on this soil for thousands of years are at risk of being forgotten – taking with them the stories, histories and identities that go hand in hand with language. Join Indigenous language expert, Jakelin Troy as she discusses why we need to preserve Indigenous languages and the important work being done to keep them alive.


Jakelin Troy is a linguistic anthropologist and a Ngarigu woman from the Snowy Mountains region of Australia. The author of Sydney Language and director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research at the University of Sydney, she is a passionate advocate for reconstructing Australian languages and keeping them alive through education and memorialisation. 

For Jakelin, language is the key to unlocking a region’s psyche – its culture, history and personality. As well as her native language, she’s also fluent in Japanese and Spanish, and has done linguistic anthropology research all over the world. 

8:00 PM @The Taphouse, 122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at The Taphouse at 6:30pm is Zdenka Kuncic