The entire history of pop in one hour

On the surface, it might not seem that the jazz standards of Tin Pan Alley, the lyricism of Bob Dylan, or the aggression of punk have much in common with Beyonce or Prince – but they do. Join Jadey O’Regan as she journeys through the birth of the blues,the explosion of rock'n'roll, and the blooming of psychedelia, to examine how they’ve shaped the modern pop landscape of today. This talk will change the way you hear your favourite songs and give you a deeper understanding of the rules of popular music – and then, like the pioneers of rock'n'roll – how to break them.


Jadey O’Regan loves the Beach Boys so much, she wrote her PhD on them. A music fanatic, she’s an accomplished artist, writing and performing her own awkward pop songs, as well as working as a session musician on many records. Currently lecturing at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, her interests span many parts of popular music studies, including musicology, record production and nerdy analysis.

8:00 PM @Mojo Record Bar, 73 York St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Entrance over 18

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