7:30pm @Sense 99

Eventbrite - On Running, Playing, Living: Are We Doing Public Health Right?

From its urban density to its long work hours, Hong Kong is a stressful place to live. Even hospitals, the places that are supposed to nurture health, are constantly stretched to a breaking point. 

This talk invites us to take a step back, to rethink public health, and return to the bare essentials: work, food, play, and sleep. How do we go about understanding public health, which is an intimidatingly large system that is as intimate as our own wellbeing? And how is it that despite high stress, Hong Kongers’ longevity is still among the highest in the world?

Led by Dr. Hong Fung - a public health veteran, marathon runner, and recovered SARS patient - this talk will grapple with contradictions, reorient how we think about public health today, and tell you how we can live even longer, healthier, and happier in the years to come.


Hong Fung, JP, is the Executive Director of the CUHK Medical Centre. He is also Professor of Practice in Health Services Management at the Jockey Club School of Public Health & Primary Care, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and President of the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine since 2014. 

Before joining CUHK, Hong was the Cluster Chief Executive of the New Territories East Cluster and Hospital Chief Executive of the Prince of Wales Hospital at the Hospital Authority from 2002 to 2013


* This talk will be delivered in Cantonese | Entrance over 18 



此講帶我們退一步來思考公共衛生,並回歸生命的最基本:工作、食物、遊戲及睡眠。我們可以怎樣去理解如此龐大,但又同時與我們健康如此息息相關的公共衛生架構? 另外, 香港人的壽命如何在生活壓力大底下仍然冠絕全球?

馮康教授是一位公共衛生專家, 馬拉松跑手, 以及非典型肺炎(SARS)康復者。此講座會梳理矛盾, 重構我們今日對公共衛生的想像, 並告訴我們生活得更長, 更健康, 更快樂的秘訣。