How mindfulness can help in the bedroom – and beyond

What’s your partner really up to on that night out? What was the real motive behind them saying what they did? Do they even truly love you?

Chances are, it’s all innocent, but that’s not what your brain would have you believe! When our imaginations run riot, it can ruin relationships – so why do we give our brains free rein?In this talk Holly will take you on a tour of mindfulness and relationship wellbeing.  She will shed light on why our other halves can drive us crazy, why we sabotage our relationships and how mindfulness can help in the bedroom.

Holly will equip you with mindfulness tools to help improve empathy, cope with rejection and manage chronic relationship insecurities. If you’ve ever asked someone if they loved you repeatedly until they hated you, this one’s for you!


Holly holds a Master of Arts with first class honours and is a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. Holly has led the health and wellbeing curriculum within the University of Auckland’s medical programme for the past two years and is the co-founder of Togetherly, a social start-up that focuses on helping people have healthier relationships. Holly has a strong interest in relationship health, early attachment histories, and interventions to increase wellbeing. Her mission is to translate psychological research into easy-to-understand advice for the general public. 

8:00pm @The Birdcage, 133 Franklin Road, Auckland 1011

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Wayne Cutfield.