The Power of 'Accepting What Is'

The concept of 'acceptance' is often seen as weak in our culture as it generally means 'letting things be and not bothering to change them or fix them' ... though we do concede that it makes sense to accept the things we cannot change. But the concept of 'Accepting What Is' is always powerful. It means 'stop wishing things were already different'. It turns out that 97% of all negative thoughts involve wanting something to be already different, which of course is wishing for the impossible. Furthermore the average person has between 20 and 50 such irrational thoughts every day. 



Graham W Price studied Engineering and an MBA. He began his career in the corporate world and became a General Manager in one of the world's largest and most successful multi-nationals. A chance life-changing discovery generated an interest in human potential and triggered a mid-career change to psychology. He now works as a consultant psychologist and development trainer. His trainings take place in corporations, professional groups and the NHS and are available to the public via webinars though his company Abicord Ltd.

7:00 PM @ The Gable 

* Entrance over 18


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