7:30pm @Orange Peel

Eventbrite - China's Little Africa: Stories of the African Diaspora in Guangzhou

The megacity of Guangzhou is China’s most multicultural city today, and it is home to the largest concentration of Africans in the region - many of them entrepreneurs, merchants, and traders. Unlike the majority of foreigners working in China, Africans often seek to stay, marrying a Chinese wife and making Guangzhou their home. However, the country’s lack of citizen rights for African husbands and its racial prejudice prompt a recurring question: Will they ever be fully accepted - not as foreigners but as legitimate residents of China? 

In this talk, Gordon Mathews will explore the business, personal, and romantic relationships between the Africans and Chinese as they pursue low-end globalization in Guangzhou. 


Gordon Mathews is a professor in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the author of “What Makes Life Worth Living?”, “Global Culture / Individual Identity”, “Hong Kong, China: Learning to Belong to a Nation”, “Ghetto at the Centre of the World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong”, as well as his forthcoming book, “The World in Guangzhou: Africans and Other Foreigners in South China's Global Marketplace”, upon which this talk is based.

Gordon is well-known for his expertise on Chungking Mansions, low-end globalization, and the African diaspora in Guangzhou. His work has been featured by key international publications like CNN, CNBC, BBC, The Economist, and the South China Morning Post. 


* This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 



非洲人跟其他在中國工作的外國人不同,他們大多選擇在當地覓偶,落地生根。不過, 非裔丈夫在中國缺乏公民權利並受種族歧視, 引致一個周而復始的問題:他們終會有被完全接納為中國居民而非外國人的一天嗎?

Gordon Mathews 會在此講探索中非人民在廣州追尋低端經濟全球化時建立的各種商業、個人以致情侶關係。