How the Art World Ticks

A look at how the art world ticks, aesthetically and financially. Looking at how art movements/ styles/ periods/ ‘isms’ are discovered, made and broken from £40 to £ millions! Estelle’s illustrated, entertaining, presentation isn’t just for artists or those playing the art market, it’s for all art lovers, especially those who ‘hate’, ‘don’t understand’, Modern Art, today.




Art Critic and Lecturer, Estelle Lovatt, has the experience of being on both sides of the canvas; having trained as a painter and read art history, and teaches, judges and talk about works of art, from Cave Art to Banksy, with expert opinion.  Estelle is heard and seen on BBC Radio & TV, Sky News, Al Jazeera and CNN International. She writes about art, and lectures at the Hampstead School of Art, London.  And keeps you up-to-date with everything Art, on twitter @EstelleLovatt.

*Picture by Cristina Schek.

8:30 PM @ Looking glass cocktail club 

* Entrance over 18


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