7:30pm @Salon 10

Eventbrite - The Pacific Ocean: Hong Kong's Highway to Gold Mountain

The American West Coast was once known as ‘Gold Mountain’ by the Chinese; in the 19th century hundreds of thousands of them crossed the Pacific Ocean to join the California gold rush. How did this wave of migration transform Hong Kong from an opium port into a thriving global shipping hub? And how did the flow of goods, money and cultural values deepen the countless social, economic and family networks across the Pacific Ocean?

Join us for a discussion with Elizabeth Sinn on the unexpected connections between Hong Kong and California, and the role of the Pacific Ocean in Hong Kong’s development.


Elizabeth Sinn’s research interests include the modern history of China and Hong Kong, and migration studies. She has published on a wide range of topics, from the media to migration, banks to brothels, opium to opera. Before she retired in 2004, she was Deputy Director of the Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong. She also led the Hong Kong Memory Project, a website on the history, culture and heritage of Hong Kong (www.hkmemory.hk). She is a pioneer in oral history in Hong Kong.

Elizabeth is currently an Hon. Professor at the University of Hong Kong where she is editing a volume entitled “Meeting Place: Encounters Across Cultures in Hong Kong 1842 to 1984”. 


* This talk will be delivered in English | Entrance over 18 

驚濤駭浪: 香港通往加州金山的高速公路

美國西岸曾經被稱作「金山」。於19世紀, 成千上萬的中國人跨越太平洋, 掀起一股波瀾壯闊的加州淘金潮。



Elizabeth Sinn將帶領我們探討香港與加州鮮為人知的聯繫, 以及太平洋在香港發展當中扮演的角色。