Music: A metaphor for life

Music is a universal language of ideas and emotions.  We all enjoy listening to music, but it also provides insights into how we live and work together, celebrate diversity and accommodate risk, and pursue our own goals while seeking common values.  This lecture explores how players in an orchestra collaborate and share their passion, how a conductor provides inspirational leadership and how jazz musicians embrace risk-taking and change.



Dominic Alldis is a jazz musician, orchestral conductor and business speaker.  He performs regularly in concert halls and jazz clubs, and has made many acclaimed recordings.  In 1998 he founded the company Music & Management to introduce the business world to music as of paradigm for creativity, effective teamwork and inspirational leadership.  By viewing business organisations through a musical lens, participants are encouraged to reflect on the importance of listening, collaboration, trust, shared responsibility and cultural values.  Dominic speaks eloquently about how artistic metaphors can provide new perspectives on the many challenges facing the business world today.  Professor Nigel Nicholson of the London Business School says of Dominic, "He engages mind, spirit and feeling and is a master of management insights through music."

7:00 PM @ stage 3 

* Entrance over 18


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