It’s only natural: discovering the ecology of cities

We often think of cities as concrete jungles, dominated by humans and their structures, but a surprising number of animals and plants share our cities with us. Some even thrive, seemingly better off here than in their natural habitats. With 80 percent of humans predicted to live in urban areas by the year 2050, it is vital that we learn how urban ecosystems can persist and flourish. Dieter will discuss ways in which nature adapts to city life, how we can help to conserve it, and why living alongside nature is better for us all.



Dieter Hochuli heads the integrative ecology research group in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney. His research focuses on the ecology of insects and spiders and their interactions with the environment, using multiscale approaches to provide a leaf-to-landscape understanding. His recent work in urban systems examines how human activities in cities affect ecosystem health, and conversely how human wellbeing is affected by the nature we interact with.

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6:00 PM @ Annandale Hotel 

(17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale NSW 2038)

* Entrance over 18


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