Mar 8/ 7:30PM @ Lionsbeerstore




Life is full of choices. But how do we actually decide? And, importantly, when do we decide? In this talk, neuroscientist Professor Moran Cerf, will discuss the processes underlying our decision making and the way our brains navigate our choices. Are we indeed irrational in our choices, or is our brain a rational thinker that just doesn’t share with us its logic? Can we know a person’s choice before they are aware of it? and if so - can we change the choice? How is the outside world - colors, temperatures, sounds, smells - affect our choices, and can we learn to control them in order to think clearly about our decisions? And, ultimately, can one look into our decision processes and predict our future behavior? And if so - must this entity be human -


Moran cerf | bio

Professor of neuroscience, department of neurosurgery, LIJ. Professor of business Kellogg School of Management.

Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience (department of neurosurgery, LIJ) and business (Kellogg School of Management). His research uses methods from neuroscience to understand the underlying mechanisms of our psychology. Working with patients undergoing brain-surgery he studies behavior, emotion, decision making and dreams, by directly recording the activity of individual nerve cells using electrodes implanted in their brain. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Cerf had short-lived careers as a hacker, furniture-designer, a pilot, a radio host, and a filmmaker. Currently, Dr. Cerf is the Alfred P. Sloan professor at the American Film Institute (AFI), where he teaches an annual screenwriting class on science in films. Most importantly, he is right handed.