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Lecturer in Law, Stanford University






Inside Negotiation

Beneath the strategic and tactical decisions and moves, there are certain fundamental forces at work in most negotiations. We will identify and discuss a few of them.  Knowing these forces are there, and seeing them operate within one or more of the negotiating parties, allows you to be more effective in managing and leveraging them to your advantage.


David Johnson has been teaching negotiation at Stanford Law School annually since 2006, alongside his practice of law in Silicon Valley.  Currently he teaches Advanced Negotiation - Transactions for law and business students. He began his career in the courtroom, with over twenty trials, ten appellate arguments, and two state Supreme Court arguments. David has been general counsel for private and public companies in biotech, data-mining and drug discovery. He has testified before the California Assembly, appeared before Congress, and consulted for Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection on the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade energy bill. Last year, he produced and delivered a free MOOC on basic negotiation.



7:30 PM @ Palm House