Lecturer in International and Area Studies and Political Science, UC Berkeley




Ethereally Yours: Law in Outer Space

International law is already a complicated mess, but what happens when you move it into outer space? Do hilarious consequences ensue? Actually some of them are hilarious, but most of them are quite serious. With commercial space travel, extraterrestrial mining, and the colonization of Mars looming on the horizon, it is absolutely necessary to understand the outlandish world of international space law. No longer the stuff of science fiction, law in outer space is an intriguing example of how earth-based law struggles to come to terms with the vastness of the universe, the end of time, and the potential insignificance of humanity.


Professor Darren Zook teaches in Political Science and International and Area Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. His areas of interest include international law and human rights, cybersecurity, and the comparative politics of the Asia-Pacific region. In 2012 he was a Fulbright Research Scholar on cyberlaw and cybersecurity based in Singapore, and is currently at work on a project focusing on the transformation of human identity and the future of human rights. In spite of the claims to the contrary from many of his friends and colleagues, he is from earth.


7:45 PM @ McTeague's Saloon