The Physicality of Audience Engagement

Imagine taking a college course where the student is not a passive participant but an active contributor. Sound odd? Come hear how the Mercy College School of Business has flip flopped the conventional method. You, the student, are actively engaged in a college class meant to engage, inspire, and persuade students to keep learning.


Director, Undergraduate Honors Program. Professor of Organizational Leadership, Mercy College School of Business.

Chuck Garcia is Professor of Organizational Leadership at Mercy College’s School of Business where he teaches leadership studies, finance and economics. He is Executive Director of Mercy College’s Center for Leadership and promotes extracurricular activities that highlight the importance of communication, collaboration, and unity of effort. He is Founder of ClimbLeadership Consulting, an independent consultancy committed to training corporate leaders how to improve their ability to inspire and persuade. 

A twenty-five year veteran of Wall Street, he spent fourteen years in sales and marketing at Bloomberg Financial Markets in a variety of leadership positions. He was also Director of Business Development at BlackRock, the world’s largest traditional investment manager, and was a Managing Director at Citadel, a large and prestigious alternative investment manager. Chuck is an avid climber and has scaled mountains worldwide including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, and several peaks in the Andes and Alaska. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in finance and earned his Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership. 



8:30 PM @ 151


*Entrance over 21