Lecturer in History, Santa Clara University





The Sky is Really Falling: Exploring Modern Disasters

An exploration on how we remember some of the greatest catastrophes of the last 300 years, how we have , reinvented the disaster narratives to suit our needs, and the challenges of recovery.


A lifelong interest in history led Dr. Brigitte Charaus to not only a MA in Medieval History but also an interdisciplinary PhD in History, Physical Anthropology and Public Health from Marquette University.  A university professor since 1998 she has taught at a number of institutions both in her native Wisconsin (Marquette University, Mount Mary College) and her new bay area home (Santa Clara University, DeAnza College).  Her current focus, as an urban historian, is an extensive study of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in San Francisco and Milwaukee, WI.  She has contributed to a number of publications and is currently in the process of editing a manuscript focusing on public health in Gilded Age Milwaukee. 

7:30 @ PianoFight