Equal representation? Not even close

When women in NSW won the vote in 1902 some thought the fight was over – but in fact, it was just  beginning. The voices of women still weren't being heard in the places where the big decisions were being made: parliament, courts and government.

Today women can be lawyers, judges and members of the NSW Parliament, but it has taken decades to see women in those roles and true equality is a long way off – especially for Indigenous Australian women. In her talk, constitutional law expert Anne Twomey will discuss the struggles of the past and the future for women and Indigenous Australians to be heard by our law-makers.


Anne Twomey is a constitutional law expert and director of the Constitutional Reform Unit at the Sydney Law School. Before entering academia, she worked in various government posts including at the High Court of Australia, the Commonwealth Parliament and The Cabinet Office of New South Wales. 

She’s interested in constitutional reform and how it can be used to improve both the quality of government and the lives of Australians.

6:30 PM @Royal Albert Hotel, 140 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Royal Albert Hotel at 8:00pm is Garner Clancey