What a political game to play  

In a famed leaked telephone call to Malcolm Turnbull in 2017, Donald Trump told the then Australian prime-minster, “You are worse than I am.”

He was referring to Australia’s refugee policy – a topic that makes headlines on the daily. When it comes to immigration and refugee issues, we often assume that Australia, due to our small population and infancy as a nation, is a follower rather than a leader in this area. Migration expert Anna Boucher says there’s a different story to tell.

Join Anna as she discusses what other countries are learning from Australia in this space, how our migration policy has started to shift towards temporary employment and the potential repercussions our changing migration policies could have on Australian society.


Anna Boucher is a global immigration expert and media commentator. She has written two books and numerous policy reports, and consults with government organisations internationally on migration policies. She’s interested in the inherent gender bias in immigration selection policies, rights violations of migrant workers and skilled migration policies.

Prior to joining the University of Sydney, she was an Australian Commonwealth Scholar and a Zeit Bucerius Scholar in Migration Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

6:30 PM @Mojo Record Bar, 73 York St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Mojo Record Bar Bar at 8:00 pm is Megan Le Masurier