Is innovation worth all the hype?

Innovation has become the catch-cry of governments and businesses across the globe. But should we innovate or fix what we already have? How do we invest in good ideas while retaining a healthy appetite for risk? In this talk, Andy will explain how to strike the right balance and pick the innovations worth backing.



Andy Dong is researching the central activity of engineering: the design of new products and services. He focuses on two aspects: getting the idea up, and getting it over the line. The first aspect involves the creative design of new goods and services, or design-led innovation. The second acknowledges that generating ideas for new goods and services is just the start – companies must then invest human and financial resources into the development of the idea. Andy’s research helps companies to forecast the costs of implementing new technological innovations and explore their potential.

This talk is SOLD OUT! 

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6:00 PM @ The sg bar 

(32 York St, Sydney NSW 2000)

* Entrance over 18


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