Work less, do more!  Productivity, not production

Workaholism, probably invented in Japan, perfected in the USA and now undermining family life and society here in the UK.  The advance of technology has brought few benefits and our educational system has focussed peoples ‘minds on examination passes and the use of screen data at the expense of “looking out of the window”; witness how many of the forecasts we have been fed in the last five years have been anywhere near accurate predictions as to what was to come?  We have not understood or implemented regimes that focus on productivity as opposed to production so our leaders spend all of their time at work looking at data and not getting to know the talent that lies in their organisations thus fail to release its potential.  Truly, Workaholism is at pandemic proportion and this is not helping ambitious females in the workplace, either.



For nearly 30 years Andrew has mentored Board members from around the world, most notably from FTSE 100 companies. He was a senior executive with Mars and Brooke Bond prior to becoming one of the world’s executive search consultants.

Andrew’s style and approach has given rise to the development of strong relationships with significant business leaders at the same time as becoming one of the leading authorities in the world on the subject of career management teaching at Business Schools and Universities from Harvard to Singapore.

8:30 PM @ Balls brothers bury court 

* Entrance over 18


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