The psychology of social media addiction

When was the last time you checked your phone? Ten minutes ago? An hour? Studies show we check our smartphones on average 85 times per day. Illuminated screens can affect our concentration, our sleep patterns, even our self-esteem. We know this, but still, we just can’t put our phones away. So, what has the information age done to better us as individuals – or what is it doing to detract from us ‘living in the moment’ and enjoying simple human pleasures? Leading this discussion is cyberpsychology expert, Andrew Campbell, questioning if our addiction to technology is preventing us from living in the real world.


You’ve heard of mental health, but have you heard of e-mental health? With the erratic rise of technology, we’ve never been more at risk of online anxiety. Leading the discussion on e-mental health and cyberpsychology in Australia is Andrew Campbell, who has 15 years of research under his belt on how technology impacts human behaviour and is changing society – for better or worse.

6:30PM @The Horse (upstairs), 381 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Entrance over 18

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