A domestic argument over how to create harmonious cities

We want to understand and speculate about the impact of disruptive online services on people’s offline behaviours. How urban infrastructure requirements evolve in response to these behaviour changes? How this will lead to new types of communities and changes the shape of cities to come?

Priya and Alexander are a couple who share a passion for cities and community transformation through direct engagement, applying prototyping and bottom up product development. This talk will take the form of a domestic argument. We explore together with the audience different ideas and hypothesis around the impact of possible interactions with services that currently dominate our urban imagination. e.g. “What happens to cities when Uber, AirBnB, Tinder and Paypal merge?”



Alexander- Director of Interaction Design, Method in London

Alexander is Director of Interaction Design at Method in London, where he designs products and services by re-imagining business models and customer experiences. Over the past 25 years working at Philips, Apple and IDEO, he worked on a wide range of projects in retail, healthcare, telecoms, consumer electronics, white goods and the arts, to craft unique interactions informed by users, technology and brands.  Alexander is interested in creating new experiences at the intersection of food, communities and innovative technologies. He investigates how technology is shaping our social fabric and the effect this is having on our interpersonal relations and the shape of the urban environment we live in. He has been an early developer of digital lifestyle retail showrooms and hosts innovative music event formats. He is running Preservastory, a culinary platform and dinner club based solely on preserved food to investigate the relation between cooking techniques and global cultures.

Priya- Founder, D4SC - Design for Social Change

Priya Prakash is a serial change agent, entrepreneur and founder of London based D4SC - Design for Social Change. The applied product innovation studio specializes in collaborative urban systems combining human and machine intelligence. In 2014, she was listed ‘Tech City Insider 100’, IBM’s People for Smarter Cities and featured in BBC, Wired, Outlook India. D4SC’s products have won The Smart City World Expo Showcase, Innovate UK’s Connected Cities Challenge and got shortlisted for Zumbtobel’s Applied Innovation. Prior to D4SC, Priya was Head of Mobile Phone User Experience at Nokia. She led the global design team to launch Nokia Asha in 144 countries turning mobile phones to affordable smart phones. At BBC, she was lead-designer and co-inventor of iPlayer with joint patents. Since 2001, her innovations have changed industries radically across media, publishing, telecom and retail. Her focus now is on reimagining smart cities. Priya is visiting professor at Syracuse University, RCA, UCL and LSE and advises early stage iOT & smart tech startups. A regular keynote speaker and judge, Prakash is FRSA with MA in Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art. Priya enjoys discovering cities by running, cycling and tasting local cuisines.

7:00 PM @ Barrio East 

* Entrance over 18


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