The science behind cheat days

Why do cheat days turn into cheat weeks? Is it a simple case of lacking self control? This talk explains why people choose to eat too much, and might also unlock new thinking on ways to prevent obesity and stop you eating too much dessert.



Agnieszka Tymula is a senior lecturer at the School of Economics at the University of Sydney and a Visiting Affiliated Faculty scholar at New York University. Agnieszka's research focuses on understanding the impact that the constraints of our nervous system have on our choices. Her work has been funded through grants from the Australian Research Council, AXA Research Fund and Templeton Foundation, and published in journals including PNAS, Management Science, the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Neuroscience. Her research is often featured in media, including Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News, Businessweek and the ABC


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6:00 PM @ Freda's 

(109 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008)

* Entrance over 18


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