Why we still need religious programming  

If the numbers of people who say they are Christian is declining do we still need religious programming? Professor Aaqil Ahmed, the Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC puts the case for religion on the box and in our classrooms. He argues that to understand the world we live in it can at times help to see it through the prism of religion and faith. He will argue that a lack of religious literacy in society is more harmful than we may think and we live in ignorance at our peril.



Aaqil has been Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC for over six years. Previously he was commissioning editor of religion and Head of Multicultural programming at Channel 4 and prior to that spent ten years at the BBC in production. His credits include award winning genre defining programmes such as The Life of Muhammad, Saving Africa's Witch Children, The Ottomans, the Cult of the Suicide Bomber and Priest Idol.

Aaqil is a Professor of Media at Middlesex University, a board member of mentoring organisation Mosaic and a Patron of the Curriculum for cohesion.

7:00 PM @ core 

* Entrance over 18


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